Hollywood Japanese Language School

Let's Learn Japanese with Us!

   Established in 1915, we are one of the oldest Japanese language  schools.


  Summer Class for Teens & Kids(for 10 weeks)

 -Teens’ Class –from 6/15 to 8/17 (11:30 to 12:30--- $170)   Kids’ Class -- from 6/15 to 8/1 (10am to 11am--- $170)

Adult beginner’s class: starts 6/5 

 - Every Wednesday from8:30 to 9:30 pm (monthly-4 times $60)

Private tutoring: Mostly weekday morning (4 times $100)

                                   +registration fee 20

Please contact: hideo kuwahara <hollywoodjls5@gmail.com>

           Please contact us: HollywoodJLS5@gmail.com

                                  Class schedule                       

   ・We do lot of conversation and listening practice

   Class size is small:  3 to 5 people (learn faster) 

   ・Private tutoring: adjust to your level, more talk and listening  learn faster

  ・Class fee: reular class: $60 for four times  private class: $100 for four times  


     Cf. US average: $30 to &$70 for class/ $40 to $100 for private per hour

★School address: 3929 Middlebury St. Los Angeles, CA  (near 101 w Vermont Ave.)

                                   Image of Japan (illustration © 2022 Meppelstatt )

Do you know three big difference between Japanese and English?

 . Japanese use three different writings, Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji

  1.  Hiragana ひらがな  Hints: how to memorize Hiragana?

2. Katakana カタカナ3. Kanji 漢字    

. Japanese sentence structure is different from English

      Japanese: S (subject) + O (object) + V (verb)

      English: S (subject) + V (verb) + O (object)  

. Japanese pronunciation   

     consonants + 5 vowels (a, i, u, e, o)

◆ Intonation pattern

Compare to English accent which uses stress some syllables, Japanese pronunciation sounds flat. For instance,

                  Japanese                                   Some English speakers

             OHAYOO GOZAIMASU                   OHAYOO GOZAIMASU        

           おはようございます。                      ようごいます。


Popular Japanese textbooks

Useful free online sites: 

    n5 listening with script, n4 listening with script, n3 listening with script

    minna no nihongo listening 1-25, minna no nihongo kaiwa 1-25

    minna no nihongo grammar 1-25, 

    try n5, 

Greetings:  あいさつ(aisatsu)

Verbs 動詞 (dooshi) : Japanese verbs conjugate

Verb conjugation: Japanese verbs conjugate              (there are rules)

   Bellow, just show you a dictionary form

5W 1H いつitsu, どこでdokode, だれがdarega, なにをnanio, 

    なぜnaze, どのようにdonoyouni,


             どこでたべますかDoko de tabemasuka (Where do you eat?)

Useful expressions (there are many)

    May I have ---?

   Shall we ---?

★Particle: は、が、で、に、を、へ、etc,.

Onomatopoeia (Japanese use a lot)

How to call days of the week?

How to call family members?:かぞくKazoku